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Too burned out to implement best practices? There is a better way. You can become the strategic leader you were meant to be. It's time to create the ethical systems and infrastructure that will advance your mission and inspire your employees.

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New Approaches for Social Change!

Too burned out to implement best practices? There is a better way. Instead, develop the ethical systems and organizational infrastructure that you need to advance your mission, support your employees, and strategically manage your organization.


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The ETHOS Institute for Social Impact

Many important causes have prematurely ended because people find themselves in positions where no reasonable person can succeed. There is a better way to operationalize your values, and we can help.

Our goal is to empower you, transform your thinking about the challenges you face, and engage you in strategic problem solving. Our tools, training modules, and research, much of which has been pioneered here, are all aligned to help you manage your most pressing needs.

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Paulina Alvarado-Goldman


I am the Founder and CEO of Capacity Building and Policy Experts, LLC. I began this consulting firm after seeing the most talented people I’ve ever met in nonprofits struggle, fail, and navigate toxic environments that ultimately resulted in these individuals leaving the industry altogether. Thereby, leaving an incredible talent void in the field and important organizational missions unfulfilled. What was more frustrating than anything was the fact that many of the issues that they navigated were 100% preventable had there been adequate systems and structures to support the work they wanted to do.
As a result, I begun researching best practices, testing organizational systems, and developing supports for nonprofit professionals that would help them to operationalize their missions and get themselves back on track.
I also begun helping organizations navigate leadership transitions and crisis situations as an Interim Executive Director. This helped me see first hand how important it is to develop organizational systems and to implement leadership strategies that minimized conflict, provide mission clarity, help steer organizations towards improved services, and reduce the unnecessary drama that ultimate sabotages endless organizational missions.

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