The ETHOS Institute for Social Impact

The Institute is driven by the ETHOS framework, which stands for Ethics, Transparency, Harmony, Organizational infrastructure, and Sustainability.


The ETHOS Framework is a groundbreaking approach to managing your nonprofit and advancing your mission ethically.
  • Ethics: The mission of your organization should be implemented while using a values driven model. Your values should impact how you manage your organization, the work of the board, how staff are treated, the type of funding that is accepted, and how programs are delivered. As a result, your organization makes fair decisions that support the people you serve, your employees, and the mission. You also implement equitable and inclusive practices. This also means that you advocate for both the people you serve and your employees when no one else will
  • Transparency: As a good-faith actor, you are transparent with your donors, employees, and constituents regarding decision-making, how funding is acquired, fiscal reporting, and conflicts of interest. You are also inclusive in your decision-making internally and with community stakeholders.
  • Harmony: Your organization is person and mission-centered, which means everyone is valued and pitches in. You engage in strategic management,  foster a culture of respect for everyone, and engage in collective problem-solving. You also prioritize inclusive and equitable practices to jointly resolve the most complex and challenging issues our society faces.
  • Organizational Infrastructure: Your organization’s systems and strategic planning processes support the advancement of the mission. As a result, everyone has access to the tools, time, and resources that they need to carry out their work.
  • Sustainability: The concept of sustainability extends beyond the financial sustainability of an organization to include the duty of care. It requires that your organization is continuously vigilant about balancing the way it supports the organization while ensuring the long-and-short-term needs of the people your organization serves are at the forefront of decision-making.

The ETHOS Learning Center houses professional development opportunities on a variety of issues that nonprofits, funders, and governments involved in intersectoral partnerships are facing.



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