Let us help you operationalize your values. We help service-minded individuals, nonprofits, and governments align practices and values.

We can help you with:
  • Customized individual or group professional development, coaching, and mentorship
  • ETHOS informed strategic planning
  • Change management and succession planning
  • Research, studies, data collection, and program and organizational evaluations

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I am the Founder and CEO of Capacity Building and Policy Experts, LLC. I began this consulting firm after seeing the most talented people I’ve ever met in nonprofits struggle, fail, and navigate toxic environments that ultimately resulted in these individuals leaving the industry altogether. Thereby, leaving an incredible talent void in the field and important organizational missions unfulfilled. What was more frustrating than anything was the fact that many of the issues that they navigated were 100% preventable had there been adequate systems and structures to support the work they wanted to do.

As a result, I began researching best practices, testing organizational systems, and developing support for nonprofit professionals that would help them to operationalize their missions and get themselves back on track.

I also began helping organizations navigate leadership transitions and crisis situations as an Interim Executive Director. This helped me see firsthand how important it is to develop organizational systems and to implement leadership strategies that minimize conflict, provide mission clarity, help steer organizations towards improved services, and reduce the unnecessary drama that ultimately sabotages endless organizational missions.



Ms. Alvarado-Goldman obtained her Masters in Public Policy from Johns Hopkins University in 2000.  She is a nonprofit and public policy executive who has held leadership positions in various nonprofits, associations, advocacy groups, and policy institutes.  She is also currently an Adjunct Professor in the Rider University Political Science Department and has directed research on nonprofit best practices, infrastructure, and anti-corruption practices.
She has presented various papers at international conferences and has published a chapter in “Corruption and Governmental Legitimacy: A Twenty-First Century Perspective” on the perception of nonprofits on corruption in government contracting and funding.
She published another chapter in 2019 in the book, “Political Corruption in a World in Transition”, where she presented a new way of conceptualizing how nonprofits balance their missions with the financial realities of their organization.
Currently, she is actively engaged in identifying quantifiable approaches to operationalizing solutions to problems that individuals need collective action to solve and conducts research on governance, community sustainability, equity and inclusion, nonprofit funding, and accountability measures in the nonprofit field.
In 2007, Ms. Alvarado-Goldman founded Capacity Building and Policy Experts, LLC, and is currently serving as the Founder and CEO. She has worked with various nonprofits, academic institutions, and associations on capacity building, operationalizing ideas, organizational restructuring, crisis management, government and public affairs, public policy development, academic research, and development. She has also created customized nonprofit evaluation tools and conducted program impact evaluations. Ms. Alvarado-Goldman also provides realignment services and facilitates transitions as an Interim Executive Director for numerous nonprofit organizations with budgets ranging from $400,000-$12,000,000. Within this capacity, she has increased revenues, developed innovative programming, reduced costs, and increased efficiencies. In addition, she has worked with leading universities and nonprofit associations to provide professional development training on nonprofit infrastructure development, change management, and advocacy.



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