8 Ways In Which We Have Grown In 2020 that Will Stay With Us for a Lifetime

management strategic management May 26, 2021
Capacity Experts: 8 Ways In Which We Have Grown In 2020 that Will Stay With Us for a Lifetime

In 2020, we can definitely say that we have grown and become more resilient than we thought we could be. Hopefully, Covid-19 is near its end, and we will be able to return to a period of normalcy. I, for one, look forward to my pre-Covid routine. I look forward to seeing people’s faces again, sharing some office space with my peers, and enjoying social gatherings. I also can’t wait to see nonprofits up and running alongside businesses and the government. In short, I look forward to seeing communities thrive.

How We Have Grown!

I am also confident that whether the vaccine does or does not turn out to be the panacea we are hoping it will be, we have proven in 2020 that we have the tools and the wherewithal to adjust to this evolving and ever-changing world. We have pivoted, and we will continue to do so in the face of all challenges that will come in the near future because our missions call us to do so. Thus, irrespective of whether things get better or continue to be challenging, we will find a way to continue to serve because we have learned the following about ourselves: 

1. We are resilient

2. We know how to pivot

3. We are problem solvers

4. We persevere

5. We always give our best

6. We work ethically 

7. We value people

8. We base our work and solutions on truth

These guiding principles have led us to make our organizations more nimble and adaptable to the uncertainties of Covid-19. It has also made us better prepared to anticipate and manage other future unexpected events that so significantly impact how we carry out our work. 

Thus, I want to thank all of the nonprofit and public servants who have shown up every day to make this a better world despite the multiple potentially destabilizing events that occurred this past year. Your contributions often go unnoticed, but they have been critical to minimizing the impact of Covid-19. You are making this world a better place every day. 

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!

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