If you are here, you probably already know how challenging it is to work in the nonprofit sector. It is rewarding, empowering, personally challenging, and often exhausting. You probably feel like you need a seismic change in how you go about your work. If you...

  • Are at a crossroads in either your organization or in your career
  • Are working in an organization experiencing significant changes
  • Are burned out
  • And, you are looking to work in an equitable and inclusive organization

Then, you already know that… you are in need of a strategic realignment.

The good news is that you are in the right place to recharge and refocus. I’m going to tell you exactly how Ethical Capacity Building: Aligning Values, Practices, and SustainabilityTM will give you the tools, inspiration, and unparalleled support you need on your journey to ethically, equitably, and sanely take control over your organization.



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I have personally gone through these course modules and find them to be filled with practical information and the latest trends for helping non-profits advance their mission and sustainability efforts. Paulina Goldman, course designer, and capacity expert are always on the lookout for best practices that can elevate leaders into a greater understanding of the ever-changing funding streams and governance that sets successful non-profits apart from those who are struggling.  This course is worth your investment of time and resources.  It will set you apart and get you noticed in the noise of your field.
“Paulina is an amazing trainer, facilitator, researcher, and consultant. She has spent years evaluating the effectiveness of governments and nonprofits in both the US and South America. Paulina dives deep into the ethical aspects of governance. Her course is guaranteed to enhance the skills of any public official or administrator.  Paulina's training is impactful and insightful. She makes the session fun and interactive.”
“When I first met Paulina, I felt like a wounded soldier in battle. I had founded an organization where there were no funding streams, a lot of need, and an enormous amount of leg work that still had to be done. She was like a fairy Godmother who took her magic wand of words and waived it over my business plan transforming it into a concise and understandable work of art!”
In 2021 our organization Passport For Change, Inc. hired Paulina from Capacity Experts to facilitate the process and write our strategic plan.  We were a newly formed nonprofit and enlisting the services of Paulina was the best investment we've ever made.  She guided us through a rigorous but enjoyable process that helped us clear a path for internal development and clarify our mission, goals, and values. We are extremely grateful for her guidance and expertise!

By the end of this program, you will…

Go from feeling like you have to choose between the organization's bottom line and the mission to balancing constituent needs and sustainability 

Go from an organization fraught with poor communication to one where everyone has clarity about their role, what to do, and knows how to convey relevant information.

Go from feeling disconnected from your mission to building an organizational infrastructure that results in an impactful and ethical organization 

Go from a culture of overextended employees that burn out to an organization with high employee satisfaction and productivity

Go from feeling like there is no accountability, to feeling empowered to build an organizational culture where everyone pitches-in

Go from reactionary problem-solving to implementing thoughtful and strategic values-driven change management strategies 

Go from scrambling to run underfunded programs to implementing best practices that make everyone feel good about coming to work 

Go from having a culture of division to an organization with equitable, inclusive, transparent, and collaborative practices that are aligned your  values

Ethical Capacity Building: Aligning Values, Practices, and Sustainability

will start on

APRIL 24th


Plain and Simple,  Ethical Capacity Building: Aligning Values, Fundraising, and Strategic PlanningChanges Lives and It’s Officially Open for Enrollment



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  • Includes 6 modules
  • 3 bonus modules on overcoming implementation obstacles
  • 14 toolkits and checklists that include an ethics checklists, a decision-making matrix, roadmap to transparency, a communications matrix, ethical fundraising roadmap, change management blueprint, an organizational infrastructure checklist, and strategic planning framework
  • 1 live weekly FB question and answer session totaling 9 sessions where we answer your burning questions and address implementation obstacles 
  • Lifetime access


What’s Inside Ethical Capacity Building: Aligning Strategic Planning, Fundraising, and ValuesTM

Here’s why it pays to learn from someone who has managed complex organizational transitions and conducts research on how to operationalize values - I know exactly where most nonprofit professionals get stuck in managing their organizations ethically, balancing the sustainability of the organization, and remaining focused on the mission. You’ll get the inside scoop on how to remain laser focused on advancing your mission while preemptively planning for the roadblocks that you will encounter in your implementation. Getting this balance right is critical!

Working With ETHOS


You're going to get on the fast track to creating a blueprint for how your organization should be working and how to get there. You’ll get the inside scoop on how to work with ETHOS- Ethical practices, Transparency, Harmony, Organizational Systems, and Sustainability. 

In this module, we’re going to tackle the 5 most important practices you need to help move your organization forward ethically and sanely.

Module Highlights:

  • Identify the pressure points in your organizational ETHOS that are making it difficult for you to achieve your mission
  • Strategize around how to generate buy-in from staff, donors, and board members. 
  • Identify areas where your practices are not aligned with your values and map out mission-minded solutions that result in an impact
  • Triage your priorities in the short-term, medium-range, and long-term
  • Reframe your view of the nonprofit industry

Align Ethics and Practices


You will explore the Ethics component of the ETHOS framework. You will align your most important values with organizational practices and systems. This will help you achieve TOTAL clarity about where you're going and HOW to get there. By the end of this session, you will have an actionable strategy that will address tensions that arise over employee workload, conflicts of interest, setting priorities, how to carry out the work, and power dynamics.

Module Highlights:

  • Address changing perceptions of the nonprofit sector and their impact on your organization
  • Assess decision-making processes to ensure they are aligned with your values
  • Utilize equitable and inclusive practices with your volunteers, staff, and board
  • Re-examine your fundraising efforts to ensure they are ETHOS driven 
  • Restructure your management strategies to better support your employees and prevent burnout

Get Clarity on Transparency


We will demystify what transparency looks like in an organization with concrete strategies that will help your donors, employees, board members, and community stakeholders see that your organization is a beacon of ethical, effective, and impactful strategies.

 Module Highlights:

  • Obtain clarity on what transparency truly means and it’s critical role in risk management
  • Outline how to balance transparency with confidentiality
  • Create a transparency implementation roadmap with board members, funders, employees, service recipients, volunteers, regulators, and community stakeholders

Working in Harmony


With our insider tips, you will shift from an organization where people are overwhelmed and misunderstand one another into a person- and -mission-centered organization where everyone is valued and pitches in.

 Module Highlights:

  • Seamlessly integrate strategic management solutions into your daily practices
  • Lower employee turnover and minimize burn-out while building a committed workforce
  • Foster a culture of respect for everyone where everyone pitches-in 
  • Improve communication and collaboration so all employees and divisions work as a team
  • Provide clarity on projects, roles, and responsibilities for staff, management, the board, volunteers, and external stakeholders

Build Your Organizational Infrastructure


Rethink how you monitor the health of your organization. You will lay out a blueprint to match your organizational goals with your organization’s systems to support the advancement of the mission.

 Module Highlights:

  • Strategize around how to provide access to employees and volunteers to the tools, time, and resources that they need to complete their work
  • Strategize on how to remain in compliance with your organization’s Board and organizational requirements at all times
  • Monitor and update your technology, risk-management, facilities, fundraising, and HR essentials

Balance Mission and Organizational Sustainability


Sustainability extends beyond the financial survival of an organization to include the duty of care. Create a blueprint to balance the financial and administrative needs of an organization while ensuring the long-and-short-term needs of the people your organization serves are at the forefront of decision-making.

 Module Highlights:

  • Implement a new approach to management that balances mission and organizational sustainability
  • Asses funding opportunities to ensure they are ethical and doable before applying
  • Explore a new evidence-based strategic planning approach that accounts for ethical practices, generates buy-in and creates ambitious, but realistic expectations


Never get left behind. That’s the promise I’m making you inside a private Ethical Capacity Building™ Facebook group

Our private, student-only Facebook groups are intended to answer your questions and help you with your implementation. This highly-curated and supportive group is filled with social entrepreneurs like you who are on the same exact journey. You will see you are not alone. With myself, my team, and your peers, you will receive the support you need to become inspired and reconnect with the nonprofit field.

A $23,800 Value

What you’ll get: 


  • 9 weeks of live Q&A sessions to make sure you get your most pressing questions answered so you can confidently move forward with clarity and confidence
  • 6 Implementation Modules and 3 bonus modules
  • 30 lessons delivered plus 10 bonus lessons over 9 Weeks with Support in a Private Community
  • A new evidence-based and values-driven approach to strategic planning
  • 2 surveys you can use to assess values and employee priorities
  • 14 toolkits and checklists that include an ethics checklist, a decision-making matrix, a roadmap to transparency, a communications matrix, an ethical fundraising roadmap, change management blueprint, an organizational infrastructure checklist, and strategic planning 
  • A blueprint to build the ethical systems and infrastructure that will advance your mission and inspire your employees.
  • Roadmap to address the pain points in your organization, allowing you to focus on the work and advancing the mission, instead of putting out fires or playing catch-up with every unexpected curve ball thrown your way
  •  A framework to build cohesion in your organization with clear communication roadmaps that are inclusive, effective, and increase employee satisfaction and buy-in 
  • A decision-making framework that allows you to balance your mission with the long-term sustainability of your organization. 
  • Lifetime access

Plus These Bonuses to Help You

Operationalizing your plan - the Nuts and Bolts of Success


Explore possibilities and opportunities to overcome logistical roadblocks. We will address and strategize around the 5 most common roadblocks that come up when you are implementing a new practice. 

 (A $1,560 Value)


What You'll Get:

5 Bonus Videos that address the following:

  • How to pivot when people say, “there is not enough time, so we can’t do it.” 
  • Address how to help everyone learn how to use the technology needed to implement the change. 
  • Simplify implementation strategies when people say, “this is too complicated”
  • Provide clarity when people indicate that they don’t understand what is happening or what they are supposed to do
  • Strategize around how to reconcile differing expectations and requirements from varying funders supporting your project or organization

Solution-Based Opportunity Finder for Overcoming External Roadblocks


We will give you concrete strategies to explore possibilities and opportunities to address external challenges that pose obstacles to implementation. 

 (A $1,560 Value)


What You'll Get:

5 Bonus Videos that address the following:

  • Strategize around changing funding requirements
  • Strategize around how to address changes in regulatory and compliance challenges
  • Address recruitment issues when the funding is less than optimal
  • Strategize around unreasonable requests from funders that are out-of-scope
  • The roll-out of the implementation strategy unveils challenges you may not have expected beforehand

Sometimes you do everything right, but a crisis still surfaces


We will give you concrete strategies to stabilize your organization and create a roadmap to stabilization and growth while building a stronger organizational culture. 

(A $1,560 Value)


What You'll Get:

5 Bonus Videos that address the following:

  • Leading ethically
  • Guiding principles to balance the sustainability of the organization with the mission
  • Values that should drive the recovery process
  • Typical reactions during a crisis
  • Why crisis strikes and how to manage it
  • Recovering from crisis

Access to Research that Reframes How We Think About Fundraising and the Nonprofit Sector that Cannot be Found Anywhere Else

 (A $200 Value)


What You'll Get:

  • ETHOS framework 
  • Nonprofit industry comparison
  • “Are Funding Tools Making Nonprofits Choose Between Funders and Clients”
  • 22 Phase Social mobilization spectrum 
  • Factors that influence nonprofit perceptions

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

Ethical Capacity Building: Aligning Values, Fundraising, and Strategic Planning - $18,400 Value

  • Bonus 1 - $1,560 Value
  • Bonus 2 - $1,560 Value
  • Bonus 3 - $1,560 Value
  • Bonus 4 - $200 Value
Total Value: $23,280

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:



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Plus You’ll Be Backed by a Risk-Free 14-Day Guarantee

If I was considering investing $899 in furthering my “nonprofit” career, considering how many training alternatives there are out there, I would definitely be interested in finding out more about the money back guarantee. 
I get you!
You’re not afraid to invest in your career with your nonprofit salary as long as it’s a wise investment… one with plenty of Rate of Return (ROI) to show for it. (Sooner rather than later)
Here is where you can place your confidence in your money-back guarantee and enroll without any worries. 
By the end of the first 14 days, you’ll have received access to the first 2 modules of Ethical Capacity Building: Aligning Values, Fundraising, and Strategic Planning. 
You will have had the opportunity to validate the relevance of the cutting-edge research and the ETHOS framework first hand. You will have begun reframing how you view the nonprofit industry and begin strategizing around how to align and integrate ethical practices that advance your mission into your day-to-day before making your final commitment. 

If you don’t feel confident that our research and new best practices are inspiring or relevant to you by 4 pm Pacific Time on May 8, 2023, simply reach out to us, show us you’ve put in the work, and we’ll refund your investment. Full details here.

Burning Questions that You May Have Before Enrolling

Working in the nonprofit sector is challenging…


But it is much easier to navigate the complexities that nonprofits face on a daily basis when you have access to these powerful tools. You will be empowered and laser-focused on your mission, instead of putting out fires that are preventable at every level with preparation and a plan of action. 
Without falling into the all-too-common trap of sacrificing yourself and your time with your family.
Whether you want to create an equitable and inclusive work environment, 
Or whether you want to advance your mission without having to stress out about balancing every ball up in the air. 
This digital course can unlock an otherwise untouchable level of coordination, control, flexibility, and inclusivity in your organization.

But here’s a little insider’s scoop…


Not one single nonprofit professional has ever felt like it is easy to face all of the challenges of working or managing a nonprofit. 
Even the experts must navigate changing landscapes, unpredictable funding requirements, and conflicting beliefs about what values an organization should adopt. 
Just about everyone asks, “How can I build a nonprofit culture where people trust each other? How can we still work ethically by balancing our missions while having to worry about fundraising to keep the lights on? Will these strategies work? Are they worth paying for?”
I want to assure you that I created this course to slowly replace those doubts with data-backed action. 
Because here is another social entrepreneur pro tip. 
It’s not just the most charismatic and outgoing people who can manage thriving and impactful nonprofits. In fact, many important causes have prematurely ended because anyone can end up in a position in which no reasonable person can succeed when there are so many counterintuitive obstacles. There is a better way to operationalize your values.
Those that succeed are the ones willing to adapt to changing circumstances, learn, fall down a few times, be vulnerable, and get back up with grace. Impactful social entrepreneurs are committed to missions that advance the public good and care about building values-based organizations that align their actions with their practices.

Friend, according to the Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society, America’s third largest workforce is employed by nonprofits and 7.4% of the worldwide workforce is made up of nonprofit workers. 


This means that it is a really good idea - right now - to reframe how you think about nonprofit work and how you align your values with your practices. 


The landscape for nonprofits is changing and the mission you care about can only be sustainable by running an impactful and ethical organization that aligns its values and practices.  


There is a better way to build a culture of collaboration, clear communications, inclusion, and transparency. 


Nonprofit employees view ethics differently than in other industries. Creating caring climates that are mission-driven is part of the ETHOS framework. There has never been a better time to recalibrate how you are showing up to represent your values. Social entrepreneurs need appropriate systems to support them with clarity, mission focus, fair accountability systems, respect for employees, and healthy organizational cultures. 

You are needed at the table to represent a new approach to carrying out nonprofit work. The ETHOS framework provides a better way to run your organization with ethical systems.


I can’t wait to meet you, share our research with you, and cheer you on inside Ethical Capacity Building: Aligning Values, Fundraising, and Strategic Planning™. 


All my best,




  • $110 OFF per month for Third Sector News members only until April 2 (Sign-Up Today)
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  • $300 OFF for Third Sector News members only until April 2 (Sign-Up Today)
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